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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Will You Be My Valentine?

Did you give someone dear to you a special Valentine? Were you distressed about what to give that would let them know how special they are to you? Often the sentiment can be more profound than the purchase. Along my journey I have come to realize that the most impressive gift is not the purchase but the time spent deliberating on the gift. If it touches a heart string and the soul sings with glee that someone really understands me or at least is trying has become the most cherished.

What is the one thing we all have a little of to spend and yet not cost us a penny? You probably already know the answer to the riddle. Time. But do you know how valuable that gift that you take for granted or under estimate measures up to someone else? A moment of time connecting with someone, who is feeling lonely or taken for granted can turn a glum day into a breath of fresh air.

What I find amazing is that sometimes the joy and satisfaction that one gets upon the giving of a gift is as much or more than the receiver. The lesson is old but still true. When you give of yourself, both of you are blessed. Taking the time to phone a friend or send a hand written note says I have taken my time to say I love you and I am thankful you have been part of my life. Any day is a great day to do that!!

You may ask what was the highlight of my Valentine’s Day. A simple, tastey dinner with my true love shared with a couple of dear friends. The menu was simple because I had little time or money to spend. A fresh tablecloth, candles and carnations set the romantic mood. As my guests came into the dining room they said the little extras made them feel special. That was the gift, for both of us!

This is the gift of a hostess. I once thought it was something you were born with and envied those I thought had it. Spending time with good friends made me realize that the gift is not in pomp and ceremony around a meal but the gift of self and serving. Remember K-I-S-S. Keep it simple and stylish.

Simple to me is doing something you are comfortable doing and being organized. Whether that is homemade from scratch our picking up at the local grocery store in time to serve hot to your guests. I tend to do a little of each. And the best style is just being yourself. ( That’s a true gift) Maybe choose a couple of things that you can do that your friends will enjoy. That may be candlelight, fresh cut flowers simply arranged or just a sprig of parsley on the veggies.

The more I open up to simplifying my entertaining the more I enjoy doing it. My hope is that the people I invite enjoy coming to visit and see the true value in building relationships that make better communities.

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