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Monday, June 7, 2010



Welcome to the 6th

It is so good to have you drop by again this week.  Did you have a busy weekend?  Are you ready for a wee rest?  The chairs on the deck are ready for you.  Settle yourself down while I put the kettle on to boil. We can catch up on what has been happening in our lives.

My week was busy helping the new mom with the twins every day(see last week's post).  No time to get organized for house guests and prepare food.  There was a time when this would have pushed me over the edge: I would have been cranky, tense and miserable by the time the luggage started coming in the door.  Little joy over the occasion at hand and not too welcoming to the weary travellers. 

There is a time to intentionally keep life simple.  This was one of them for me.  I have learnt that people are always more important than things.  Warm, happy memories were to be the souvenirs for our guests to take abroad.

So, my weekend was filled to the brim with excitement and joy. Cousins from Germany stayed with us for three days.  The last time we saw them was 30 years ago.  Can you imagine the long conversations over tea, (and occasionally over wine) as we caught up on every thing from grown up children, moving to new homes, businesses to the minutia of daily life.  Time was so precious and there was so much to talk about that I did not want to spend too much time in the kitchen preparing or fussing. I intentionally kept the menu simple and the table setting casual.  I set the table with mixed matched black and white dishes, some floral while others are geometric.  All bought over the last couple of years on sale. They looked quite dramatic on white place mats with red napkins. I lit the candles and put on the music.

This time it was not elegant, but it was
K~I~S~S -ed.  Keeping it simple and stylish, my style.

How do you keep your entertaining simple when you are pressed for time?

Serving plate with Big Ben is one of a series
City Scenes
Fine China

Cream and Sugar
Johnson brothers

No Markings

Decorated sugar cubes easily add a special touch to your sugar bowl

I have enjoyed these first few weeks of this shared meme with Wanda @
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I look forward to presenting some tea treasures that are stored in my dining room
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  1. This is delightful Pamela!

    So simple and elegant, yet chic!..,

    ~ I love the black and white colour scheme this week and especially those darling deorated sugar cubes with that fabulous black and white tray!

    ~ Glad you decided to K-I-S-S your vignette this week and also to share your secrets as to how you accomplish this so effortlessly!

    I can personally attest to your gracious style of entertaining and you always make your guests feel so welcome and at home my friend!

    Sounds like you had a fabulous time catching up with Peter's cousins after 30 years, no less!..,Wonderful!

    ~(I tried, yet blogger would not allow me to copy and paste the exsisting, 6th 'Teapot And Tea Things Tuesday', Mr.Linky participants list; I can manually add them later tomorrow)..,

    Thanks so much for co-hosting and posting once again with me this week Pamela, for our little joint tea party between your lovely blog and my Silken Purse blog!.., Fun!

    Cheers and hugs, W.L...,(Oops, it's late and I forgot to sign out and resign in as 'moi'; Wanda Lee)!

  2. (Here I am once again, yet as 'me')!

    Have a marvelous week my friend and enjoy those precious twins!


  3. Beautiful Wanda!-)*

    How Heavenly you blog is and everytime when I come here,I enjoy you cerations,you wonderful world...

    Thank you,thank you,thank you for share of Love,my dear Friend:-)))*

    Always with Love,

  4. Hello Pamela, What a great time you had! And how stylish your tea settings! Love the Johnson Brothers cream and sugar and the Big Ben plate - and those black teacups are stunning along with them! I really like the decorated sugar cubes too, Pamela. Lovely photography!!!
    Hugs and blessings, Beth

  5. Hi Pam,
    I love anything made by Johnson Bros. The decorated sugar cubes are darling! You are a busy lady! Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful day.


  6. I adore those black and white teacups....and your photos made them stand out so perfectly! Didn't know Johnson Bros made them!
    Lovely blog and lovely post! Glad you are here at Teacup Tuesday!

  7. Hello :) Love the black and white color scheme you have chosen, and those decorated sugar cubes are too cute!!

    Happy Teacup Tuesday, warmest, Brenda

  8. So pretty, simple and chic. Love the sugar. What a treat. Beautiful. Thanks so much for joining the party. Hugs, Marty

  9. What a beautiful post! The sugar cubes are so adorable! I love having tea with you precious ladies every week - thank you for sharing your treasures!
    <>< Connie

  10. Oh what a delightful teacup and saucer, that black and white floral is just exquisite. What beautiful sugar cubes too.

    I am happy I found my way to your blog, I joined in at Marty's party too!


  11. Hi Pamela! Oh my.. Is my head in the sand?! I've never seen decorated sugar cubes like these before! Aren't they the cutest?!!! Love your cream and sugar set too!.. Enjoy your evening, and have a wonderful week! ~tina

  12. Pamela, it looks like you did a fab job keeping it simple yet special. I am sure your guests appreciated it. Those sugar cubes are gorgeous!
    With the twins keeping you so busy (and delighted!), I am amazed that you made your post!
    I am happy to visit you today.

  13. Very striking tea set.


  14. Hi: It is hard to find black and white tea cups. Yours are beautiful cups. Thank you so much for doing this every week. It is always a pleasure to be a part of your party. Blessings, Martha

  15. Hi, I love your black and white, so pretty and I really love the decorated sugar cubes! Thank you for sharing!

  16. Hello Pamela- Your black teacups are pretty and I've never seen decorated sugar cubes before. Where did you find them? Take care.

  17. I finally added in the extra participant's link's Pamela.., I guess Mr. Linky will not automatically do the shared meme thing when it is added later..,

    Not to worry; here they are my friend!

    I'm delighted that out little teapot meme seems to be growing; I'm so thankful for all of our participants, as I'm sure are you!

    Thanks so much for your kind and thoughtful comments as well as for your prayers!.., Thank God, things are decidedly looking up!

    Have a marvelous week!

  18. Thank you for stopping by my new blog and leaving a comment on my first Teacup Tuesday post. I'm thinking I might be joining in your Tuesday tea celebration as well. I LOVE teacups and teapots...and anything related to the art of afternoon tea, so all these great "blog tea parties" are just perfect for me.

    With regard to this post, I learned several years ago to simplify...for me, simplifying meant doing less running around. I was on the merry-go-round of constant busyness, never home, and I was stressed to the max. I simplified by disengaging from many of my activities and, once again, finding joy and delight in living a quiet, more home-centered life.

    Have a lovely week,
    Patti (Of Days and Dreams)

  19. Thank you very much for your words.Meet you has been a pleasure and I would like very much share a cup of tea with you.