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Monday, September 13, 2010

20th, 'Tea Pot And Tea Things Tuesday'

Welcome to the 20th, 'Teapot And Tea Things Tuesday!

"I've learned that true friendship continues to grow,
even over the longest distance."

I am so delighted to join in the fun this week.  Do I dare say that the time went by so quickly last week that I was unable to keep track of time and Tuesday came and went without me realizing.

I just walked in the door thirty minutes ago, arriving back home from the east coast.  We spent the week visiting my dear friend Wanda Lee  (Silken Purse & Plumed Pen)and her husband and helping my daughter get settled with them as she prepares to start a new degree at university.  But before unpacking I wanted to say I missed all of you and I will be posting for Tuesday, however it will be after work tomorrow. I am anticipating a very enchanting tea party, indeed.

Blessings 'til then.  Pam

Is  It  Ever  Too  Late  for  Tea?

I hope not.  Catching up and unpacking has taken much longer than I anticipated.  I really need a cup of hot, flavourful tea to revive me. I invite you to put your tasks aside for a moment and join me for a cuppa.

China to celebrate the coming of Autumn and the bounty God has blessed us with.

A cup for you and a cup for me

This was from Kelita's mother's collection

This is from my mother's collection

Purchased at an estate sale last summer
Hand painted

Love the detail

Each side of the dish is different

I wonder who this was?
What was her life like?

Cornflower cream and sugar compliment so much

A touch of Autumn with yellow and orange sugar crystals
added to granulated sugar

A set of six matching plates from dear Gladys

My faithful white teapot with a touch of whimsy
I attached this brooch from my mother's collection with a clear elastic

Tea is served


  1. Hi....I'm linked up for tea and I'll make sure and stop by on Tuesday for a visit :) :) :) Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  2. I am so glad you got to spend time with your beloved friend - what a blessing!

  3. What a good time you have had. I am looking forward to seeing your post later today. Thank-you for hosting this special Tuesday tea time!

  4. Just stopping in to say hello. Hope you are well.

  5. Hi Pam :) I too, am looking forward to seeing your Tea post later today! I'm all linked up for the Tea party :)

    Warmest hugs, Brenda

  6. Dear Pam

    Your post today remind me really the autumm...with its warm colors
    I love your tea cups with that lovely fruits

  7. Dear Pam,

    This is beyond delightful! ~ How I love your exquisite pictures this week. The fruit motifs on your teacups, teapot and plates are so delicate with the lacy tendrils of berries;just so pretty!

    Thanks for joining me once again in co-hosting our 20th, 'Teapot And Tea Things Tuesday'..,

    So lovely to see you and to talk with you and Peter as well my dear friend; we are so delighted to have Kristina staying with us!

    Cheers and hugs from Wanda Lee

  8. Simply gorgeous! I love all the fruity pieces and how clever to dress up your tea pot with a brooch. Lovely!!


  9. I love the fruit decorated cups and plates. Even though it is summer fruit - they look like autumn,too. What a wonderful and beautiful tea party

  10. Oh, all your china is lovely, but my favorite tea cup for this post has got to be the cup with the strawberries! I only have one cup with strawberries and I love it.
    Thank you so much for sharing your tea cups with us.

  11. What beautiful china! It is just perfect for this time of year. Lovely...

  12. The teascape is lovely. I adore the shape of your mother's cup, and the fruit motif is delightful. Thank you for sharing your charming design. Cherry Kay

  13. VERY clever accent on the teapot with your Mother's brooch!