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Sunday, April 10, 2011

the 50th T eapot and T ea T hings T uesday spring cleaning, blue and yellow

Welcome to....

the 50th T eapot and T ea T hings T uesday

Spring cleaning should begin with the head

and end with the heart.

Have you finished your spring cleaning??  This year I started in December, as we prepared our home for the real estate market.  Simplifying and cleaning to stage the house for photos was the beginning.  After that, maintaining the "look" for the day to day viewings was the norm.  I am not sure when the spring cleaning starts or finishes at this point.  But I do like the results.  A little tidy up everyday and we come home to a peaceful sanctuary and a calm haven for friends to enjoy with us.

For myself, I can see a parallel in my life. I tend to hold on to lots of unwanted, unwarranted, unfair thoughts and procrastinate when my head is rattling from the chaos. The remedy is a quiet chat with God  to clarify the thoughts and prioritize my life, then my heart is ready for the what the day hands me. 

Sorry our chat is short.   I have a few things to dust and sweep the floor. There is another viewing shortly.  But I will be back and will sit awhile at the tea table with you my dear friends. The table is set and the tea kettle will be quick to "sing". Perhaps you can  share "how do you tidy up the cobwebs in your head", over a cup of tea.?  All are welcome.
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  1. We must be very similar in ways of thinking. I have striven for an "Open Heart, Open Home" attitude for my life and God has blessed us with so many friends and opportunities throughout the years. Somehow my energy has waned and i forgot some of the joy, losing my way in the bogs of "Marthadom" . Keeping a home ready for public viewing at a moments' notice must at times grow tedious but I see you have found it positive in that you come home to a clean home ready for you.

    I hope you sell your home soon, but in the meanwhile I am enjoying your vignettes.

  2. I´m very proud to see a brazilian dish on your beautiful table! The dish is in very good company! It was made in may 1991, as the mark tell us. Love your white tea pot, it is really wonderful.

  3. Ooh, I love anything with Lily of the Valley! Very pretty! Bess

  4. So many pretty things!

    - The Tablescaper

  5. Thank you for having us over for tea today - delightful as always! I just love all of your tea treasures and visiting your cozy place!

  6. Your tea table is so pretty and I just adore the decorated sugar cubes. I have a friend that decorates hers with tiny flowers and it's always a treat to pop one in my tea.

  7. Good morning Pam,
    Your tea table is a delight! Blue and yellow always looks so fresh and pretty. I love those pretty teacups; especially the Lily of the Valley one! Love the decorated sugar cubes. I never see those around here. Thank you for sharing a lovely tea with us.


  8. Your words are wise and your photos lovely. Enjoyed it all. Lilies of the Valley are my favorite flower, so I adored that cup. Mine are coming up on the north side of the house, and I'm looking forward to the real thing. However, I think I need a teacup like yours for all those other days.

  9. Everything is so lovely!~ Beautiful touches!

    Happy 50th! Thanks for co-hosting..,

    Cheers WL

  10. What pretty tea cups! Love the inspiration flowers! Thanks for hosting!

  11. I often find that when I am submerged in chaos, the problem is that I am focused way to closely on....ME. The Garden Friends have an amusing saying when one of us is too focused on ourself and our situation...."I may not be much, but I'm all I think about." The way that I get away from the chaos that I've created in my own life is to look to see where God is working and get there as quickly as possible. Lovely tea goodies in your post. Thank you for sharing them. Cherry Kay

  12. Beautiful tablescape! So stunning..!
    Just added a link here..thanks for hosting :)


  13. Hi Pam, Thanks so much for linking to my tea party at Comin' Home! Your tea things are so so pretty. I especially loved your forced daffodils. Mine didn't bloom this year. It was my first time, and I think our house just isn't good for it. We don't get enough sunlight.

    I know that is very challenging to try to keep the house picture perfect while showing it. I really enjoyed your chat about clearing the cobwebs from our minds. It seems that I have to do that regularly. :o)

    Have a lovely day,
    Donna @ Comin' Home

  14. Beautiful tea setting! Thanks for linking up the loveliness! hugs Debra

  15. Short and sweet, but lovely all the same. ;)

    Thanks for sharing at Time Travel Thursday!

    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

  16. Hello once again Lady Pamela,

    Re; the link* from last weeks tea for,'Breath Of Fresh Air'..,

    ~ "This* was so pretty, thought I'd add this old, yet lovely, link from Tea's past Pam"..,

    I looked for your post yet alas, I guess you were not able to post last week; things are so busy when you've,(really ~ any of us), have been away and catching up! (We all know all too well Pam)!..,No worries!

    Please take a moment to read Martha's, Terri's and then Sandi's recent blog posts and you will see just what a 'snaggle' Blogger has been in!..,