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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Have A Blessed Easter:

Dear Folks,

I, (Wanda Lee, Pam's friend of many years), I am writing this post on my dearly beloved friend's behalf. ~ (As mostly all of you likely  know, this is her blog)..,

You see, Pam is here along with her husband, visiting in our home over the Easter weekend. They flew in at 4pm today. While they are visiting my husband and I, Pam and her husband are primarily here to assist their daughter Kristina as  she wraps up her 1st year of  university and heads back home for the summer.

They are planning to drive the two days that it will require to get back home, while taking their daughters car, along with Kristina, home to her summer job. The vehicle will be loaded with Kristina's things, and they are going back to where they reside after her last exam, that is to be written this coming Easter Monday.

They are so busy these days with two family weddings for their two sons and they also have their house on the market!..,

Please pray for dear Pam on this blessed and sacred Easter weekend, as she is very ill!

Apparently they went to a walk-in-clinic after the plane landed as Pam felt so very ill and they found that the clinics were closed. Upon visiting a pharmacy, when hearing that Pam was spiking a high temperature, as well as being covered with red splotches and that Pam has a very sore throat along with a cough, and looks so very, very pale, the pharmacist advised going immediately to the one of the local hospital's Emergency departments.

Upon testing and doing the appropriate blood work for Pam, it was discovered that our dear Pam is suffering from both strep throat and Scarlet fever!!

As mentioned above, therefore please do pray for Pam, especially on this blessed Easter weekend, our dear fellow blogging friends!

We pray that the Lord will sustain her and raise her to health very soon!

Cheers and hugs from Wanda Lee

P.S. ~ Please also pray as well that none of us catch this , especially with Kristina's exams! ~ Thank you and may God richly bless and keep you all!

This is dear Pam's lovely picture.., She is such a precious lady!


  1. Thank you for sharing I will start prayung for Pam and may all of you be safe of this desease!
    Many blessings for you and yours Easter Sunday! Don't worry, be positive, you will not get sick!...this way no one will atract any bad sicknessGugs

  2. Wanda Lee thnk you for updating Pam's readers. Prayers and good thoughts being sent. I do hope she has a quick recovery and that the rest of the family manage to remain well.
    peace and healing

  3. Thank you, Wanda Lee, for letting us all know about dear Pam. And Pam, you are in my thoughts and prayers. Get well soon and the Lord bless you!


  4. Dear Pam
    All my love for you and I hope you will get well very soon

  5. sincere thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery!

  6. Thank you for letting us know Wanda!
    Pam, I wish for you the best care and the swiftest healing!

  7. Oh my! How horrible to be struck by such illness - especially at holiday time and with so much to do. But God does work wonders through the prayers of His people!

    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage