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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The 71st, Teapot And Tea Things Tuesday

The 71st, Teapot And Tea Things Tuesday

Welcome to Breath Of Fresh Air blog!

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(Pam is still on an extended blog break).  

This message was posted on Pam's behalf.., ~ WL


  1. Hello there Pam,

    I trust that all is well!

    You're getting closer to the big day for Nick And Melanie!

    Any more serious 'nibbles' regarding inquiries on the house or will you take it off the market soon?

    I see you on my stats report Pam; it is either you or a visitor that doesn't know that you're on extended blog break.

    (That's the fun part about Blogger stats, you really never know whose visiting, it just gives a referring URL address).., Fun Huh?

    That's what I do love conversely about C-Panels on web sites; the info is fine tuned and specific comparitively.

    If it is you.., How did you enjoy my tea on Silken Purse and The Plumed Pen?

    Cheers and hugs WL

  2. Hi There! I just discovered your great blog!! I am so happy that I did. Glad to link up! I am your newest follower; and I hope you will follow me too. God bless you!