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Monday, October 5, 2009

"Count Your Blessings One By One"

M y dear friend, Silken Purse, has encouraged me to resume my blogging. I love to read her blog. She composes with an artistic flair and passion that you get a glimpse of her beautiful spirit and her designs are truly whimsical and romantic. So I will take inspiration from her creativity and passion and commit some time to writing at least once a week.

T his week I have decided to combine two themes from -"Tuesday Tea for Two" and from - "Thankful Thursdays"
. With Thanksgiving only a few days away it only seems appropriate to be thinking about what I am thankful for. Life is full of wonderful things and may I say, small miracles if you look for them. I invite you to join in the fun!

I am thankful for:

1. God’s unending grace in my life
2. Opportunities that challenge me to give my utmost
3. The smell of fragrant tea steeping
4. The warmth my hands feel holding a cup of tea on a cool autumn day
5. Friends that share a cup of tea with me, and warm my heart
6. I am thankful for the many friendships as unique as my teacups and always room for more
7. I am thankful for the many colours of each season that Nature brings
8. I am thankful for my family, with their big hearts and all of their wonderful quirks
9. I am thankful for the good health we are blessed with
10. I am thankful for each new day, so that I may see and experience God’s blessings as I try to walk with Him.

M y creative contribution is my centre piece for the dining room table. My life has been overflowing with projects of late, but I always can find the time to set the table according to the season. My friends are curious, when they come for tea to see what I have come up with next. I love to draw my inspiration from events that happen is my life.

W e were at a wedding a couple of weeks ago and the bridesmaids’ bouquets of autumnal flowers were edged with feathers. Very unique but understated and elegant. I loved the look! So when I arranged my silk flowers in a cream pitcher I added 3 feathers for interest and dimension.
T ake a moment to "count your blessings one by one". You'll feel the richer in spirit for it.

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  1. Love the sentiment.., well written!~ Thanks so much for partaking, glad to see you blogging once again. You'll develop a rythymn!..,

    Can't wait 'till next weeks installment of wonderment!

    Cheers, hugs and blessings