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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Tuesday Tea for Two to Share

Tuesday Tea for Two to Share

W elcome to my cozy corner. It is a blustery and very cool day. With each gust of wind a few more leaves swirl, curtsey, and bow to the ground. A reminder that the summer has past and the winds of change are blowing. But the sun is shining so brightly, I am determined to focus on the wonder of the c o l o u r s before me. It is a great day for a steaming cup of tea. I think a cup of chai will be perfect as I sit by the fireplace.

I have been feeling the burden of half completed projects and miscellaneous things to-do. I have been carrying this list around in my head for several days. Other things have taken priority but now is the time to write a list and complete each task one by one. I love the feeling when I put a check mark beside an item on my list! I feel such …..satisfaction.

O f course, having my cup of tea really is a priority. A short respite from the chaos of daily events is good for the soul. So today I will share my cup of tea with you and a couple of dear people that I would like to voice my appreciation to, with a note of thanks.

W hile I put the kettle on to boil I will find the appropriate cards and my address book, that I store in a unique place. I have re-purposed a set of luggage that belonged to my dear Aunt. Stacking the luggage has created a small table for a favorite lamp and inside the makeup case I store all things necessary to compose a note, write a letter and decorate the envelope. (More creative ideas are in an earlier blog) The easier it is to organize myself the more apt I am to succeed in this task.

A cup of tea, is a fragrant plant(s) steeping in boiling water or it is the beginning of a connection with one who yearns for a relationship with you. Take the time and settle down with your cup of tea and write a note to some one who needs to know you care for them. Or chat on the phone to some one far away. You both will be glad you did.

T he deepest urge in every human heart is to be in relationship with someone who absolutely delights in us.
~ Larry Crabb, Psychologis

L et some one know that you delight in them as the heavenly Father delights in you. Tea is a time for sharing. It is good for the soul. Let’s invite someone else to our tea party!

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  1. You obviously have a great sense of observation which is why this lovely post :)