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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Teapot and Tea Things Tuesday, #11, Part II

Special Invitation

Click the above image to fully enjoy, by enlarging the image:

Here is one of the new buttons for you to use on your own blog if you wish, for ; 'Teapot And Tea Things Tuesday' ..,

* ..,("The variation on a  theme shown in the picture above for this particular button that I; (Wanda Lee), created for our little blog tea party that I share with dear Pam;(the owner of this lovely blog)..,

~ This picture  represents; a pretty oasis , a 'tea-lightfully' calming and a most soothingly enjoyable respite amidst, and also floating 'high above' life's storms, by the grace of God"..,
~  "I love the deep, warm Dove Grey's, the dusky sky's, neutral tones popping against the cheerful, brighter hues of the happy and oh-so-pretty, floral chintz's; the motifs on each teapot")!..,~

*A wee note from Pam's team member for; Teapot And Tea Things Tuesday ~ From, Wanda Lee. 

These are the links to the oh so delightful tea parties and tabletop parties that I attend. I encourage you to stop by and savour another cup of tea while you enjoy their pretty vignettes. (no calories with this eye candy)  These are hosted by lovely creative ladies. Hope to see you there!! 

Watch the list for new additions at the end of the week.  There are some very special new memes that have started this summer that I look forward to participating in.

~ Tuesday Tea For Two  with Wanda Lee

~ Tuesday Teatime  with Lady Katherine

~ Teatime Tuesday  with Sandi 

~ Teacup Tuesday  with Martha

~ Teacup Tuesday  with Terri

~ Tabletop Tuesday   with Marti

~Teapot And Tea Things Tuesday  with Wanda Lee and Pam

~Wednesday Tea For Me And Thee  with Wanda Lee

~Tablescape Thursday with Marti

~ Sunday Favorites with Chari

~ Spiritual Sundays with Charlotte and Ginger. & Weekly Words to Live By

If you joined us last week you may have noticed that Mr. Linky has disappeared from that post.
Not sure why...but I think it might be something I was doing in the background late Thursday..oops!
I hope it was a fluke, or that I can figure out what I did to put  Mr. Linky in such a huff that he left the party.
My apologies!!

Thank you for your gracious presence and I will  try to reply to your comments in the following week.

Pam, aka/ Paper Butterfly 


  1. Hi Pam...You are so nice to me and all the ladies here :) :) Thank you. I'll definitely be checking out some of the other tea parties. Everyone has such cute buttons and "memes"...I'm still not quite sure what that is, but those are cute too :) :) I"ll have to see about making one for myself someday??? Have a great week and enjoy some more tea. Oh, my grandmother, used to make chamomile tea and serve with a goody... So the other day when I was in the store, I bought a box of chamomile tea. She's been in heaven now for 15 years..and I still miss her...but the tea...those were happy I'll sip a cup and smile today :) :) :) Love and hugs, Heather :) :) :)

  2. Cheers my dear!

    Here are two new 'blog buttons' for you to see and enjoy Pam, (as well as a link via the button on the top of your sidebar, to several more choices)..,