Lady Pamela's Tea Parlor

Monday, July 25, 2011

The 65th, Teapot And Tea Things Tuesday:

Welcome to the

 65th, Teapot And Tea Things Tuesday! 

Pam is still understandably apparently busy with her home's sale, an eminent move, another delightful family wedding in September of her other son, and her daughter Kristina's departure to set up her new apartment for fall semester in mid August in another city.., Still no further word from Pam; (nor for that matter, not any returned phone calls when clear phone messages have been left requesting the kind courtesy of a return phone call in reply, no emails, nor even blog comments. Likely we'll hear from them when they want to retrieve their daughters things that are stored here). ~  Or, perhaps they are away. ~ We do hope all is well!.., I'm sure your prayers will always be appreciated!

While we await her post; ( if the dear lady is able to post this week that is to say); meanwhile you may link to Mr. Linky for our Tuesday tea's via  

Thanks, WL! 


  1. Hope all is well too. Good luck, Pam,!..Christine

  2. I will lovingly and respectfully request once again dear Pam,

    Please let us know if you and yours are alright!

    Thanks in advance..,

    Love WL