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Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Please pardon my tardiness this week.  I am a little like the March winds that are blowing through the country side.  This is a quick "how ya do?" and a sip of tea to fortify me as I head back to my bus-y-ness. If you have a moment to linger I invite you to stop in to the Plumed Pen to see what our darling hostess has for us to savour.

I wanted to share a "Touch of Blue", to our tea time this week.  The sugar cubes were hand decorated by a friend who has moved away and I use these for special occasions and sometime just for show. If you have a steady hand and a flair for the artistic you might try your hand at this.  If you do please share some pictures and  some how-to's, so we can learn too.

I  am putting the finishing touches on a post called
"The Sweet Taste of Spring".  Can you guess what that might be?    Living in Canada, it is the sweetest part of spring.
Do pop back in a day or two and see.

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  1. Well oooh, OH my,~ once more sweet friend!

    This is fabulous!~ 'You style' as well girl!..,

    I just love,love, love your 'new look' and I am also very enamoured of that blue and white vignette! I can hardly wait for the 'sweet Spring surprise' of your next post!

    I must run now; thanks for the mention! I will put a link to you on 'Wenesday Tea For Me and Thee' now my friend!

    Cheers and blessings from, Wanda Lee @ Dressing Table Heaven

    P.S.~ (I'm taking turns with mentioning various blogs).