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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

CATCH A QUIET MOMENT; The 1st,'Teapot And Tea Things Tuesday', A Shared Meme:

Spring has arrived here, at least on most days! Today the sun is warm and cheery but the wind is still nippy. Too chilly to garden but that extreme freshness gave me lots of pep, making today a great day for Spring cleaning, inside.

So I looked over my list of things to do. It will feel so satisfying to put a check mark beside a few finished projects.  Are you finished yet?

Let's put in a good morning of finishing some tasks and meet for tea, later.

I will set the table.............


The creamer was a lonely piece, maybe in its past life it was a small vase. I pressed it into service today because it brings the colours of the china together. I found a single white sugar, at the thrift store for $.79.

To add height, I used a simple glass pedestal to raise the seashell shaped serving dish.

This unique dish was the base for a wee giftie Mr Handsome brought back from a business trip many years ago. It came from  Crabtree & Evelyn with assorted petite containers of their luxury bath products. 


Colclough,  Product of RIDGEWAY POTTERIES LTD, England

Phoenix China, T F and SONS LTD, England

Silver Plate, Queen Mary, BIRKS

Heart shaped  dish with floral butter pats

For a special touch, I pressed soft butter into the candy molds and placed in freezer over night. They released easily into the dish.  Ready to spread on warm banana bread, fresh from the oven. 

Next time I will try finely grated orange peel for added flavour and colour.   Remember to keep it, K*I*S*S.  Keeping it Simple and Stylish.  Your style of course.  Any suggestions for another flavour?

I look forward to enjoying a cup of tea with you later this afternoon.  The kettle will be ready.  I so enjoy our visits.  Let's talk about what is lovely and right with God's wondrous creation.
 I always like to hear who dropped by, if you have a moment leave a note.  Have a blessed week!

I am going to drop in on Wednesday Tea for You and Me, Wanda is a wonderful hostess and will have some visual treats to surprise you with. 

Friday I will join Show and Tell Friday with Cindy @ My Romantic Home.  There is always lots to see!
Until next time....

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  1. Your tea looks lovely. Your tea cups and saucers from England are gorgeous. I love those colors and the delicate violets are perfect for spring time.
    Thank you for joining in Tea Cup Tuesday. I have enjoyed stopping by and seeing your beautiful blog!

  2. Hi Paper Butterful!

    The tea is beautiful! Your tea cups and accessories are absolutely beautiful! And what a wonderful idea for rose shaped butter pats...I will be giving that a try! Sounds so easy!

    Hugs, Carolyn ~ Cottage Sunshine

  3. Hi: Thank you so much for being a part of Tea Cup Tuesday. It was great to have you. I love your tea cups they are beautiful. I can't wait to see what you will show us next week. Blessings, Martha

  4. I love the violet tea cups! The swirl plate is beautiful! I used these same molds for many years for mints and butter. Your look so wonderful, they came out of the molds beautifully! Oh, and the shell dish, I do adore!

  5. Thanks dearest Pamela for joining 'Wednesday Tea For Me And Thee' this week!..,Those pictures are fabulous;love those adorable rose butterpats!..,

    It was so lovely as always, to chat on the phone the other day my sweet friend!

    Cheer and hugs from Wanda Lee

  6. This is such a sweet table. Love those delicate teacups and the rose butter pats. Genius!

  7. Pop on over to my Silken Purse blog, dear lady Pamela, to see 'what's brewing'!..,

    I am going to invite many new folks and completely refresh and redo this blog!..,

    You may say; 'I'll blow a little breathe of fresh Air' into my Silken Purse blog!..,

    Hugs from Wanda Lee

  8. Cute little shell plate, but I love the violet tea cup...
    Have a great weekend!

  9. Aaah!.., This new, 'Breath Of Fresh Air' blog banner design, dearest lady Pamela, may induce the strongest sensations, those clearly ovocative of the freshest of Maritime air, sea breezes blowing and the cry of gulls in the distance!..,

    ..,This freshest of sensations is accompanied by the sound of the rhythmic pounding of the surf and the unmistakable scent of the pungent, salty air; in short it may cause you to feel most unmistakeably homesick for Nova Scotia my friend!.., Here's to hoping!

    ..,Enjoy your new blog banner Pamela, my dear friend!

    Cheers and hugs from Wanda Lee

    P.S.~..,(Oops, I forgot to sign out so I will appear as 'you'!)..,I'll see you for the 29th, 'Tuesday Tea For Two; the 20th, 'Wednesday Tea For Me And Thee', as well as for our brand new, shared meme,'Teapot And Tea Things Tuesday'! Do you perchance have a picture or two to share this week?.., That would be ever so 'tealiciously' lovely!

  10. Hello there once again lovely lady; here I am once agin, this time according to blogger as as 'moi'!..,

    ..,(As a team member of Scone Queen's, I forgot to sign out prior to visiting another dear fellow blogger some time ago and much to my surprise,(somewhat as with today),l realized that blogger had not recognized my true identity; ah.., the things we learn!~ (They are all usually obvious, yet it takes awhile to get 'in the groove'; don't you agree?)..,

    It's not every day you log on to launch a new banner on your friends blog Pam!.., Fun!

    ..,Our little tea party was one of the nicest ever by all accounts!.., Just such a warm and welcoming, lovely feeling in many ways!

    ..,We also have plans for tea at the 'Tea Calla Lily Tea Room' lady's home,(at that dear lady's home, we always have such lovely tea parties); also a garden party, another tea at yet another of our lovely guest's homes,tea with Tiffany, her wonderful boyfriend Chris and her dear British friend,(who finally made it from England after 'the volcanic ash' died down).

    ..,We also have plans as well for for brunch, another garden party, afternoon tea and finally Jane and Joey's 30th weddding anniversary clebration party..,Whew!

    That's just the primer, the beginning of our busy season!

    How are your expectant mom's doing Pam?


  11. Just a quick note..,

    Just 'lil old me again!..,(If you have a new post for tomorrow or Wednesday, then I'll transfer Mr. Linky over there after you've posted so that our 'new meme/ blog party' can continue forth)!..,


  12. What a pretty tea! Love the cups and the seashell shaped plate. Your header is SO very, very beautiful! Thanks for hosting! Be sure to stop by and enter my giveaway - last day to sign up is May 7.

  13. Such a welcoming tea. I so love those butter pats. :)

  14. I didn't know about this new Tea in time to link on Tuesday..I just linked and will be sure to come back on Tuesday to play again.
    I am your newest follower...pls. stop over and see my little people tea party. :))

  15. Hi Pam...

    It's so nice to have you for Sunday Favorites this week, my friend! What a fabulous post to revisit! I just adore all those pretty lavenders! Love, love, LOVE that gorgeous floral shell plate! I say that your honey has great taste and style! That is such lovely gift! Well my friend, I realize that this post was from the spring time of the year and you were about to embark upon your annual "spring clean"! I do the same thing...about April and then I do another really deep clean the end of summer, just about the time I'm wanting to do my home's autumn decor. Ohhh yes, I always have a "TO DO" list and it just feels great to be able to check things off of that list! A real sense of accomplishment!

    This was a lovely post, Pam...thank you so much for sharing it with us today! Such pretties!!!

    Warmest autumn wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  16. This was such a lovely post! filled with so many beautiful tea things!!

  17. HI Pam...

    Hello my friend! I hope that my note is finding you well! So happy to have you join in with the fun of Sunday Favorites this week, dear lady! This lovely tea certainly deserves a second showing for sure! I love all the pretty purples...from the beautiful morning glories on the your pretty pitcher to the lovely purple flowers on the little cherub planter! Girlfriend, I love the shell dish that your sweet honey gave's gorgeous! Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful tea table with us for Sunday Favorites today, my friend!

    Have a super Sunday!
    Chari @Happy To Design

  18. I have seen folks pick up a pretty little flower of butter and pop it in their mouth, thinking of course that it was a mint. Their reaction was ALWAYS worth it.