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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The 1st Teapot And Tea Things Tuesday:


Today is the perfect day to honour a few women, to express my gratitude to them for their contribution to my life.

I received my give-away from Mary at Hope Filled Living.  A precious book with inspirational quotes, scriptures and wonderful pictures.  I know I will go to it often to up lift my weary soul and to share these wonderful words to those around me, that may be in need too.  Thank you Mary for the gift of your friendship, kindness and your weekly writings.

You may think you are on a new blog...but my dearest friend, Wanda, has created a new banner for me.
Do you not love the fresh feel of the ocean breezes as they billow into my room?  My eyes popped wide open when I discovered it late last night.  So excited I could hardly sleep.

Wanda is one of the most creative people I know, as well as, one of my dearest friend. Miles may separate us but the loving fellowship we share on the phone and through our blogs is a precious gift God has blessed me with.

Among other things we share the love of the hunt for pretty pieces to add to our collections.  We happened upon two teacups, twin sisters, so to speak, on one of my visits.  We decided we must each have one and so started a new tradition of friendship teacups.

As my friend Wanda and I introduce a new meme, 

'Teapot And Tea Things Tuesdsay'

I wondered which teapot to share with all of you and with Mother's Day quickly approaching I chose the oldest teapot I have.  It was my grandmother's.  A lady I never had the pleasure of meeting but through family stories and the china in her china cabinet I soon came to love the person she was. 

Minnie Smith, was a farmer's wife, she organized a household of 10 children, plus hired hands,  a loving aunt and sister, a compassionate friend and a woman of God.  Seeing the gently loved tea set I know she took the time to share a cup of tea with family and friends and used her Sunday best when they came.

This is her tea set that has been handed down to me from an aunt. I don't remember seeing anyone pour tea from it.
What a shame.

The teapot lid and sugar lid are graced with tiny rosebuds.

The trivet displays the colours probably closer to the original.

Minnie's sister and husband were fortunate enough to travel in Europe and I wonder if they may have brought the tea set back to her?

   The prettiest back drop for china is lace, don't you think?
I extend an invitation to you to share your favorite Teapot  and Tea Treasures, and the history behind them!..,

*If you want to join in the fun with our 1st,'Teapot and Tea Things Tuesday', here are the guidelines dear friends:

~1. Post a single picture or several photos of your favorite teapots and tea things; really anything from tea accoutrement's prettily arranged, to a favorite tea set and/or china cups and saucers on your own blog for our 1st, 'Teapot And Tea Things Tuesday'..,

~2. Then mention our new blog party meme by name including a link back to, 'Breath Of Fresh Air- Paper Butterfly', blog..,

~3. There will be a logo and 'button' available next week for our second,'Teapot And Tea Things Tuesday'.., In the meantime you may 'grab this new blog banner' right here for your blog's sidebar or Tuesday Tea post..,

~4. Last, register with Mr. Linky here below...,There you have it! Thanks so much for joining us today for what we have lovingly 'dubbed', our little corner of ,'Tuesday Teatime in blogland' for our 1st,'Teapot And Tea Things Tuesday'!..,

~5. Kindly leave a comment and also say 'hello' after you have linked with our blog party meme.., Thanks.

*This is a shared blog party meme between, Wanda Lee @  and Pamela @

Thanks dear friends from Pamela, a.k.a/ Paper Butterfly and Wanda Lee, a.k.a./Silken purse!
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  1. Hello there lady Psmela!..,

    This is me,(Wanda Lee);signed in as you!~(I keep forgettng to 'sign out' prior to leaving a comment)!

    My, this is just so delightful!..,

    I'm 'on the fly', so this comment will be 'short and sweet'my friend!

    Thanks for your pecious comments dear friend; so very glad you like your new blog banner! ~Great chatting with you!

    ..,(I'll be back later for a detailed 'peek at you pretties')!

    Hugs from Wanda Lee

  2. What a great idea about tea cups. We drank gallons of iced tea in our family, but coffee was the only hot drink. I'm thorough sold on the afternoon thing now and there is such a wonder in the varieties. But I digress --- your post is beautiful and that teapot IS amazing.

  3. Oh such a lovely post today. Your book sounds so uplifting. Wonderful to have something to read and enjoy the special words of encouragement. Your teacup is lovely and your grandmothers tea set is absolutely stunning. Congratulations on your new meme. Thanks so much for joining the party. Hugs, Marty

  4. Wanda, that is a gorgeous tea set, and from Germany! Just lovely. Thank you for sharing with us.

  5. Oh, I love your header indeedie!! Also the story about your gram is very touching--love it that you have the teapot.(sad that you never met her) I do love how things can connect us to the pass--it gives one comfort to be connected to those that have gone on before us. I love the idea of your friend and yourself having a friendship teacup!! Cool idea!

    My post for the tea is here and not on my nannykim blog:

  6. Very beautiful tea pot and friendship cup. You are lucky to have found them. Thank you so much for sharing, I hope you will join us next week. I would love to see what you will share. Have a blessed week. Martha

  7. What a beautiful tea cup and saucer! There actually was a tradition where when women came to have tea at someone's house, they brought them a tea cup and saucer as a Friendship gift . Hence, the tradition of Friendship tea cups was born.
    I adore your Grandmother's tea set! So gorgeous!

  8. Very pretty set. I love china from Germany, especially if it is from Bavaria...but I do not collect it as much as I would like to. My ironstone have just about squeezed up all the room I have for china...

    If you ever post blue you are welcome to join my Midweek Blues meme too!

  9. What lovely tea things -- I love tea things --

    Thanks for visiting Linderhof!

    Ineresting that your family used that name as well for their property -- my Linderhof, I'm sure, is a LOT smaller than theirs!

  10. What a lovely tea set and tribute to the grandmother you never had the chance to meet.

  11. All such lovely tea items. I'll try to get a post together to link to your new meme. Thanks for hosting.

  12. What a wonderful treasure your aunt passed on to you. The tea set is just lovely.

  13. Beautiful vintage items. Lucky to be on either end of family treasures. Dropping by from BNOTP, #1.


  14. What a lovely treasure you have! Your Grandmother's Tea set! It is beautiful! Loved hearing about your Grandmother! So a wonderful lady! The lace is lovely too!
    Lady Katherine- Tea Time Tuesday

  15. Such a beautiful set. You are right - the lace is the perfect backdrop. What a strong woman your grandmother was. Thank you for sharing!

  16. What a lovely tea set. How sad it wasn't used.

    - The Tablescaper