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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tuesday Tea for Two

M ay I intoduce my dear friend at Share a cup of tea and maybe a sweet treat and enjoy her creativity with her artwork in "Romantic Surrealism". Then take a moment to travel to her other blogs. You will be thrilled to see all of it.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Teacups and Friends: Never Too Many

Teacups and Friends:
Never Too Many

Our lives went through quite the transition a couple of years ago. If there had been a road map of where events would be taking us I would have stayed in bed for the entire time with the bedcovers clenched firmly in my hands covering my head and all parts due south. A very good reason, I believe that God does not want us to have a crystal ball to tell us the future. Not many brave souls would embark on life’s journey if they knew what lay before them. Taking one step at a time, or one bite of the sandwich at a time, is so much more do-able.

As we prepared to sell our house, some dining room furniture was sold and its precious contents gently wrapped like mummies were boxed and stored. The same scene unfolded several months later at my parents’ home as I helped my Mom downsize to a seniors’ home. Later that year, when our renovations were complete in our new home and furniture bought through the ever famous Craig’s List ( I started unwrapping the contents from both dining rooms. Mingling the old with the new.

What a joy it was to see each teacup, plate, and serving dish, as I gingerly peeled the packing paper back. It felt like I was reconnecting with family and friends. Some more than others stirred memories of happy times. As I sorted the contents of both homes I mingled them together as I would introduce friends at a party.

I  nestled each piece carefully into its new home anticipating the next gathering when I would have an opportunity to share it ….I challenge myself to think of my  friendships the same way. Each person comes into our life with their unique perspective, gifts and needs. God would have me handle them with care. Not hiding them on a shelf but inviting them into experiencing life and relationships.

Do I have room for one or two new teacups? My husband would doubt that there is any room to spare. As in my china cabinet, my life too looks very full. But I would not turn away a new purchase any more than I would pass by on a new friendship. I am up to the challenge. Teacups and friends, never too many!