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Saturday, April 30, 2011

The 53rd Teapot And Tea Things Tuesday; King George VI

Welcome to our 53rd,

 'Teapot And Tea Things Tuesday'!

Human love and the delights of friendship,
out of which are built the memories that
endure, are also to be treasured up as
hints of what shall be hereafter.

Bede Jarrett

Welcome to all our dear friends!  Thank you for dropping by for tea and sharing your favorite treasures. Many "Thank you's",  are expressed in today's post.  I am always eager and grateful to receive guests, like yourself. Tea is such a universal bond.  This week I want to say "Thank you", to those kind souls who sent messages and prayers when I was not well over the Easter weekend.  A true blessing.  And to my dear friend Wanda, for caring and visiting with me, when I was at her home.  "Thank you" dear friend for your many kindnesses.We missed the midnight chatter, the laughter, the secrets, the shopping, antiquing and foodie adventures with tea.  I can't imagine that I returned without a new teacup...but shows you how dreadful I felt.  Better days ahead and Wanda and I will make up for the time lost this visit.

The talk around the tea table will be a buzz with the world events as they have unfolded the last week or so.  I wonder how many ideas we could put on a list of what we are grateful for.
I'll start with a couple: a loving God and his gift of life eternal, friends I hope will be there with me.

Getting organized

New gold spoons, from Homesence.

Finally a sign of spring and new life starting to flourish.

A regal teapot to celebrate the royal wedding.
Must wear pearls!!

Intricate pattern

King George V

Gold coin from 1912
Remarkable craftsmithship
A gift from dear Gladys

The back of the coin
Can you distinguish his ear and top of his head?

Two cups
One for you and one for me


I Thessalonians 5:18
In everything give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.

I Thessalonians 5:18 (The Message)
16-18 Be cheerful no matter what; pray all the time; thank God no matter what happens. This is the way God wants you who belong to Christ Jesus to live.

* . * . * . * . *


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Welcome to, 'Tuesday Tea Time In Blogland',
once again my dear fellow blog friends!

Cheers and Hugs from Pam and Wanda Lee~ ( Wanda Lee is the other half of, Teapot And Tea Things Tuesday @

Monday, April 25, 2011

The 52nd Teapot And Tea Things Tuesday:

Welcome to our 52nd,

 'Teapot And Tea Things Tuesday'!

I'm so glad that some of  you  could join us once more this week for our one year, 52nd, blog-aversary of our weekly blog tea parties dear  friends! ~

I, (Wanda Lee); I am posting this week's tea party for Pam as she has been very ill ; she is currently visiting my home and unable to blog this week.., *(For more details, please see the post below)..,

Many thanks for kind comments and your prayers; thankfully she is responding well to medication!~ Pam sends a heartfelt thanks to you all!
This week marks our, 52nd, 'Teapot And Tea Things Tuesday', one year blog-aversary!

..,This week's post is going to be short and sweet.

~Pam and look forward with great pleasure and anticipation each and every week and so love having each and every one of you join us! ~ Treasuring each of you fabulous fellow bloggers and all of your delightful tea parties immensely, even when we too tired and busy and are at times unable to post fresh images and/ or visit !..,

I hope you've enjoyed this week's 
 52nd, 'Teapot And Tea Things' !..,

~Thanks so much to those of you who joined in with the fun of last weeks tea parties! ~

* . * . * . * . *

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  welcome to, 'Tuesday Tea Time In Blogland', once again my dear fellow blog friends!

Cheers and Hugs from Wanda Lee on behalf of Pam ~  ( Wanda Lee is the other half of, Teapot And Tea Things Tuesday @ 

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Have A Blessed Easter:

Dear Folks,

I, (Wanda Lee, Pam's friend of many years), I am writing this post on my dearly beloved friend's behalf. ~ (As mostly all of you likely  know, this is her blog)..,

You see, Pam is here along with her husband, visiting in our home over the Easter weekend. They flew in at 4pm today. While they are visiting my husband and I, Pam and her husband are primarily here to assist their daughter Kristina as  she wraps up her 1st year of  university and heads back home for the summer.

They are planning to drive the two days that it will require to get back home, while taking their daughters car, along with Kristina, home to her summer job. The vehicle will be loaded with Kristina's things, and they are going back to where they reside after her last exam, that is to be written this coming Easter Monday.

They are so busy these days with two family weddings for their two sons and they also have their house on the market!..,

Please pray for dear Pam on this blessed and sacred Easter weekend, as she is very ill!

Apparently they went to a walk-in-clinic after the plane landed as Pam felt so very ill and they found that the clinics were closed. Upon visiting a pharmacy, when hearing that Pam was spiking a high temperature, as well as being covered with red splotches and that Pam has a very sore throat along with a cough, and looks so very, very pale, the pharmacist advised going immediately to the one of the local hospital's Emergency departments.

Upon testing and doing the appropriate blood work for Pam, it was discovered that our dear Pam is suffering from both strep throat and Scarlet fever!!

As mentioned above, therefore please do pray for Pam, especially on this blessed Easter weekend, our dear fellow blogging friends!

We pray that the Lord will sustain her and raise her to health very soon!

Cheers and hugs from Wanda Lee

P.S. ~ Please also pray as well that none of us catch this , especially with Kristina's exams! ~ Thank you and may God richly bless and keep you all!

This is dear Pam's lovely picture.., She is such a precious lady!

Monday, April 18, 2011

51st Teapots and Tea Things Tuesday,cherry blossoms

Welcome to....

the 51st Teapot and Tea Things Tuesday

We need time to dream, time to remember,
and time to reach the infinite.
Time to be.


Mr. R commented last week that time was not my friend.  I must say that I was taken back, initially, but taking the time to mull over his words, I agreed.  Time is travelling at hyper-speed these days for me. There is much to accomplish and many friends to connect with that touches my life in so many wonderful ways.  I have become aware of not having the time to dream, reminisce, to pray and to be.

Do you ever find yourself in that place?  How do you remedy the situation?  Could it be as simple as taking the time for a pleasant cup of tea alone or with a friend?  Perhaps laying under a cherry bloosm tree in bloom and daydreaming, as Anne Shirley, must have. Reading your kind comments and visiting your posts help to extend the quiet moments through the week and inspire me.

Everyone is welcome at the tea table. Linger as long as you are able. While you introduce yourselves to our new followers and catch up with familiar friends, and exchange Easter greetings.

Speaking of visits that are too short, my next few months have several. I am most excited to be heading to Nova Scotia, end of this week, to our beloved Wanda's home. She graciously opened her doors to our Kristina, last fall. Kristina has been an addition to the household , as she attended Dalhousie University. This has been a haven for my daughter, as her first experience, away from us, in Ontario. Wanda has been a great support and mentor. There will never be enough thank you's to express our appreciation.  SoWanda and I will share tea next week, in person, together.  Oh goody.

How I was gifted with The Cherry Blossom teaset.

Kelita came to our door last week with a small box in her arms. She said it was for me, if I wished to have it.  Opening the box, what do you suppose I saw?... China and teacups!  No need to contemplate...I think my quick response may have startled her...yes I would love to include them in my circle of teacup friends!

These dishes hold treasured memories for both Kelita and myself as a child.  The tea set was her mother's when she first got married.  The soft pink blossoms of the trees reminded Kelita of cotton candy, when she was a child.

For me, my Aunt Orpha had but one teacup of this pattern and I loved how delicate and old fashioned it looked. It reminds me of "Anne of Green Gables", my favorite story book as a young girl.  As well, the blossoming trees remind me  of vacations spent with my dear friend, Wanda Lee, on the East Coast. The apple trees, in "The Valley", were in blossom last time I visited her. Oh what wonderful memories...

Kelita was performing out East a few years ago. I suggested that Wanda Lee would love her concert.  Wanda Lee was thrilled and had a chance to meet Kelita after the performance.  I think the three of us will enjoy a catching up over a virtual tea today... But of course, you are invited too!  Please join me as I unpack the box and create a tea with my new treasures.

The Box

What do you think is inside?

Cream and Sugar
4 Tea Plates
4 Teacups aand Saucers

A  Tea Setting for Four

Getting organized

Cream and Sugar

One of four Teacups

4 Tea Plates

Queen Mary Silverplate by BIRKS
My silver for over 30 years
Goes well with the new set, don't you think?

"Blossom Time"

Bone China

Introduced the new to some old friends.
The Lady in the Garden plate 
was a wedding present to my parents

over 60 years ago

This may be upside down?
I cannot decipher what it says, can you?
I would love to know something about it.
Perhaps R&K
Made in England

The tiniest drop of red food colouring to change the sugar
into a delicate cotton candy pink.

A spectacular arrangement
I wish they were real and from my garden.

My mom's hand embroidered tablecloth that was featured last week.

Psalm 1:2 and 3

2 But they delight in the law of the LORD,

meditating on it day and night.

3 They are like trees planted along the riverbank,

bearing fruit each season.

Their leaves never wither,

and they prosper in all they do.

Psalm 1:2 (Message)

Instead you thrill to God's Word, you chew on Scripture day and night. You're a tree replanted in Eden, bearing fresh fruit every month, Never dropping a leaf, always in blossom.

I look forward to seeing your creative adventures in prose and pictures this week.  I am excited to drop in on as many Tea Parties as I can and am honoured that you take a moment to visit us here.

If you have not joined, I extend a warm invitation that you do.  There is always room at the tea table for more ladies.

As well, do join me and the other tea ladies this week for, 'Tuesday Teatime In Blogland',

I may see you at the following blogs.

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Cheers and hugs from Pam, (and Wanda Lee @

Sunday, April 10, 2011

the 50th T eapot and T ea T hings T uesday spring cleaning, blue and yellow

Welcome to....

the 50th T eapot and T ea T hings T uesday

Spring cleaning should begin with the head

and end with the heart.

Have you finished your spring cleaning??  This year I started in December, as we prepared our home for the real estate market.  Simplifying and cleaning to stage the house for photos was the beginning.  After that, maintaining the "look" for the day to day viewings was the norm.  I am not sure when the spring cleaning starts or finishes at this point.  But I do like the results.  A little tidy up everyday and we come home to a peaceful sanctuary and a calm haven for friends to enjoy with us.

For myself, I can see a parallel in my life. I tend to hold on to lots of unwanted, unwarranted, unfair thoughts and procrastinate when my head is rattling from the chaos. The remedy is a quiet chat with God  to clarify the thoughts and prioritize my life, then my heart is ready for the what the day hands me. 

Sorry our chat is short.   I have a few things to dust and sweep the floor. There is another viewing shortly.  But I will be back and will sit awhile at the tea table with you my dear friends. The table is set and the tea kettle will be quick to "sing". Perhaps you can  share "how do you tidy up the cobwebs in your head", over a cup of tea.?  All are welcome.
 My inspiration

The beginning

More to come
and Mr Linky will join us shortly

If you have a moment to linger I invite you to stop in to the Silken Purseto see what our darling hostess has for us to savour.

The more the fun!

We don't want to miss a single teacup or teapot!

As always, we cherish your comments and participation
with our Tuesday meme.

~You will be warmly welcomed if you choose to become a follower!~

Welcome to,

 Tuesday Teatime

In Blogland!

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~ Hope to see you there!!

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