Lady Pamela's Tea Parlor

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Blue And White Afternoon Tea:


Spring, [Summer or Autumn] cleaning should begin with the head

and end with the heart.

Have you finished your spring cleaning??  This year I started in December, as we prepared our home for the real estate market.  Simplifying and cleaning to stage the house for photos was the beginning.  After that, maintaining the "look" for the day to day viewings was the norm.  I am not sure when the spring cleaning starts or finishes at this point.  But I do like the results.  A little tidy up everyday and we come home to a peaceful sanctuary and a calm haven for friends to enjoy with us.

For myself, I can see a parallel in my life. I tend to hold on to lots of unwanted, unwarranted, unfair thoughts and procrastinate when my head is rattling from the chaos. The remedy is a quiet chat with God  to clarify the thoughts and prioritize my life, then my heart is ready for the what the day hands me. 

Sorry our chat is short.   I have a few things to dust and sweep the floor. There is another viewing shortly.  But I will be back and will sit awhile at the tea table with you my dear friends. The table is set and the tea kettle will be quick to "sing". Perhaps you can  share "how do you tidy up the cobwebs in your head", over a cup of tea.?  All are welcome.

 My inspiration

The beginning


Blessings, Pam