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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Its More Than Just a "Thank You"

Its More Than Just a Thank You

H ave you been to a friend’s for a cup of tea or perhaps dinner recently? When the evening was done and you said your good byes, did you say, “Thank you” ? Most probably you did, automatically. The words are spoken and accepted in mere moments. How can we express our gratitude with a longer lasting impression?

M ay I suggest an email or a quick phone call the next day. It says more because you have taken the time, our most precious gift, to say thank you, in a sincere way. But a very powerful and tangible way to communicate is through a card; purchased or hand-crafted with a hand-written note. Taking the time to put pen to paper is a fading tradition, but it says so much more. “ I enjoyed our time together”. “You always make me feel welcome”. “I love your cooking”. “Thank you for your interest in me and my family”. “ You are a special friend”.

T he note need not be long. You may want to thank your host for the time shared from a busy schedule or a special food prepared. Highlighting one thing that you appreciated is …….the message. You may be in a c o l o u r f u l mood and chose ink to reflect that, or sophisticated
and use gold or silver ink and it makes the task more f u n. Being a thoughtful guest is just as important as being a thoughtful host.

I f you are so inclined you can add a personalized touch to the envelope, simply by purchasing the collectors' stamps from the post office. They aren’t more expensive, just unique. Maybe, add a doodle or a sticker on the back of the envelope or a wax seal. I have purchased stamps with silver initials at the Dollar Store to add to my envelopes.

R emembering my motto, "K-I-S-S," keep it stylish and simple”. Of course that is your style, which is perfect.