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Friday, January 23, 2009


The door bell rang. They came. They are here. My heart started to pound as I felt the colour in my cheeks fade as my hand trembled. I cautiously reached for the door handle and opened the door to find my friends, smiling, in anticipation of an evening of socializing .

Have you ever regretted inviting friends over for an evening of conversation? I used to.
Only too happy to extend the invite, but as the hour grew near I felt totally unprepared and unsure of what I had gotten myself into. I didn’t want to live my life in solitare and my husband the ultimate extrovert won’t allow it. There must be a better way!

There are many books and magazines written about entertaining. I love to read as many as I have time for. Some are wordy, others ambiguous, others quite distinct in their directions and most have great photography ( my favorite part) But I don’t resonate with all of their suggestions. I have tried many different approaches to entertaining and experience has taught me that I have a comfort level that doesn’t quite match anything I have read in print or watched on television. Yet I do receive complements from friends from time to time even though I didn’t go “by the book”. My friends don’t seem to care or maybe unaware of “the rules” .

My mother had an idea of what entertaining should be. The Queen of England might as well be coming! Every corner of the house must be clean. I never did see anyone on their hands and knees looking under my bed for dust bunnies or produce a white glove to glide over the top of the china cabinet before sitting down to a four course meal. My mom was a great woman, homemaker and cook in her own right. But, no doubt a product of the 50’s Stepford Wife model. But it had its down side. Something that I would carry into my adult life, that did not serve me well, or my friends for that matter.

As my approach to life has developed over the years, lessons that have been learnt the hard way, most of the time. I have come to appreciate that each of us is wonderfully made and unique. That simple, yet profound philosophy, has coloured how I now approach the art of entertaining.

I think the cornerstone to being a wonderful hostess is to be true to yourself. Let your own personality shine through and be content, even take pride in your one-of-a-kind style. The litmus test is at the end of the evening. How do your guests feel? How do you feel? Everyone should feel relaxed. If the hostess is stressed, her guests will feel it.

So what is a girl to do? K-I-S-S! Keep it stylish and simple. How’s that you say. I try to add a touch of my style to the things I do and to keep things simple or uncomplicated.
It’s now an adventure because I follow my instincts, my free spirit, like a butterfly who lands on the flowers she chooses. Always adding a good measure of fun. You are welcome to follow me along the way.

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  1. Do I merely love it, or DO I LOVE IT, in capitol letters!!? wow, I LOVE your way with words! You have an exceptional talent Paper Butterfly! I literally cannot wait to read your next blog posting! I can so relate to so much of what you are saying, yet I love the part in your piece about each one of us being unique as individuals..., Keep up the good work!