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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Inspired by the Paper Princess

">My dear friend the Paper Princess has been sharing her pictures of her Valentine’s Tree with us. Her friend has been sharing her Valentine’s Tree, too. What can I say? I was inspired to do the same! I was late starting but that just seemed to spur me on.

A quick rummage in my stock pile of crafting supplies and a trip to the dollar store and craft centre and a generic white twiggy tree, forgotten in my basement was the start. A little ribbon, some sticky jewels, puffy hearts (foil or any craft paper hearts) and paper roses strategically placed created a simple Valentine’s Tree for my buffet. The adrenaline started pumping and before I knew it I was thrilled with my creation. Voila!!

As you will see, all three trees, you will be surprised how uniquely beautiful each one is. Hope they inspire you to create one for yourself.

I’ll enjoy it for a few more days but already my imagination is starting to create a Spring/Easter Tree. Maybe you will be inspired too!

How to start? You may find a fallen branch in your backyard that can be secured in a container you no longer have a use for with plaster of Paris. You could use the branch as is or have some fun and spray paint it any colour you want ( always in a well ventilated area). Then just have fun sorting through your craft supplies and see what your imaginations comes up with. This could be a fun activity to share with your family or a girlfriend.

What a great way to invite Mother Nature to grace us with her presence a little earlier this year!

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  1. I Love this delighful blog posting Paper Butterfly, as I mentioned earlier, yet I want to also encourage you to post some pictures when you're able.- Can't wait to see them, even though it's May!-Take care and keep up the good work!

    Cheers from the Paper Princess